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Latex free blending Sponge

Item No.:MS01-017

  • Latex-free,expands 50% in size when wet
  • Soft sponges ,great for contouring and blending and easy to clean
  • Dual use: wet or dry,can be applied to varieties of cosmetics
  • Edgeless design for flawless foundation application,absorbs oil from skin
  • odor free, eco-friendly, and non-allergenic
  • You can use this makeup sponge to apply foundation, concealer, compact press, cream-based blush, cream-based contour products, and more. Perfect the art of highlighting and contouring (and everything in between) with this coveted beauty sponge. The chiseled edge delivers the ultimate control for all your liquid application needs. Pair with your favorite makeup and create some blending magic.

    [caption id="attachment_303" align="alignnone" width="1001"]Latex free blending Sponge Latex free blending Sponge[/caption]

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