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Compressed facial sponge

Item No.:VS17-003

  • A SYNTHETIC SPONGE essentially composed of Polyvinyl Alcohol
  • SOFT & HIGHLY ABSORBENT and wicks aqueous solutions quickly, resistance to most chemicals.
  • COMES COMPRESSED (stick form). Expand to approx. 3" dia. x 5/16" thick when saturated
  • ***WRING the full size sponge several times under running warm/hot water before use ***
  • These Compressed PVA Facial Sponges are an alternative for cleansing the skin, removing masks and cleansers. PVA sponges are environmentally friendly.

    • Comes in compressed stick form for space saving
    • Soft and absorbent when hydrated
    • Disposable and hygienic
    • Measures approx. 3″ dia. x 5/16″ thick when hydrated
    • 12 pieces/clear poly bag | 20 bags/pack
    SizeExpand to approx. 3" dia. x 5/16" thick when saturated
    ColorYellow, Hot Pink, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black or as your requirements
    PackageCOMES COMPRESSED (stick form). 12pcs/set or as your requirements

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